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Reader Reviews

Dear Reader,

This is your page. If you've read one of my novels, let me know what you think. With your permission, I'd love to post your words here. If you are happy to do so, I'd also appreciate it if you let others know about what you think with a rating and/or review on the, or Goodreads site. The purpose of my writing is always to entertain and to make the reader think. If I have accomplished those goals, please let your family and friends know your thoughts. I'm a firm believer that 'word of mouth' is a force of nature. 

Thanks for reading a Churach novel. 

Cheers –


TURTLES-Book Oct23B.jpg

This story is screaming out to be a movie…
Ah, Dan Churach, the maestro of science drama! His latest literary expedition delves deep into the realm of artificial intelligence, crafting a narrative that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.  Brownie 13

Reviewed in Australia December 2023

With one shocking, inexplicable act, Clouds draws the reader in from the start. In an attempt to get to the truth of why someone would leap to their death without warning, law enforcement, journalism, science and mysticism are all woven together in this intriguing story. Well drafted characters from the four different fields work and interact together to ask who done it and why? Various theories and clues are scattered throughout, finally culminating in a startling and unexpected outcome. If you’re looking to enjoy a suspenseful read that will have you questioning human motivation and just how science and spirituality are entwined, Clouds will take you there.


Carolyn C, New Hampshire, USA, March 2023

Collage17 May2024 Web.jpg

KAIROS is the final of three novels by Churach that explores the notion of current humans meeting and being able to converse with long extinct intelligent aliens who are for all intents a human species.


Roger S, Western Australia, December, 2022

I have finally read RAINBOW, and as usual it was so in line with what was going on in the world with recent ransomware attacks, shutting down pipelines, etc. I also saw a news report about the incredible number of internet-based crimes committed daily. I wonder how Civitas would function without the computers, or with ones that only connected in the town? Anyway, I enjoyed RAINBOW, and am once again amazed at how timely Dan’s stories are.


Aloha, Jan, Hawaii


Dan always takes me to another world where I never know what to expect. It’s always thrilling and unexpected. It’s the perfect blend of mystery, plot twists, vibrant characters and so much more.


Iris D, New South Wales, October, 2022

"A rollicking good sci-fi thriller read. What if a computer had human emotions? What if computers were more sensitive than mere mortals? What if Australia could lead the way in science education while telling a good yarn? It is here."


Jenny Kiss, Western Australia

EIGHT-book Oct23B.jpg

In early chapters of Dan Churach’s “Eight”, I felt it was far-out science fiction. Then almost imperceptibly, the unveiling of its relevance to the present day appears. Churach hints at millions of U.S. citizens refusing vaccination for the Coronavirus, believing they will receive an imbedded microchip.  His story also includes the reality that a rich, private citizen is well along to landing Homo sapiens on Mars!   “Eight” is an engaging and thoughtful read that I unreservedly recommend.

Dr. Russ Schnell, former director, NOAA Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory, Hawaii, and contributing member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore.

A fictional tour through and beyond modern crises... This is a modern day science fiction book that calls to mind current Corona Virus similarities with young people dropping to the ground of an unknown mysterious malady while “excursions” on Mars are taking place. The recent protocols dealing with COVID 19 come to mind as people grapple with conditions that curtail “normalcy” explained with a malady term “solastalgia” that adds to the plot, taking the reader through police investigations, digital maneuvering, and scientific searches linking the conflict with the possibilities of alien intervention. The author keeps the reader turning pages because of all these interrelationships and, of course, the current crises facing the world populations and governments. I highly recommend this novel as we thread or way through our daily crises throughout the world, especially since so many plot events and theme contingencies seem so real.

R Kottke, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

This is a great read incorporating a number of original concepts. It should be made into a film.

Martin Houchin

26 December, 2022

DREAMS: "'It was just a dream' takes on another whole and deeper meaning in this thought-filled and suspenseful book. Here, Dreams are a vehicle to something beyond. The author deals with ageing in a caring way and explores the relationship dynamics of it between family and friends."


Kathy Halbig, New Mexico, USA

DREAMS-Cover Oct23B.jpg
Fever2 Oct23B.jpg

"I ...wanted to say that I’m really enjoying reading your book ‘Fever’. It’s really gripping and hard to put down. I love the conversational style, and how the story moves, across places, across continents. The local references, of course, add a sense of belonging to the story … Fremantle, Murdoch…" 

Sharad Sharma, Western Australia

"Fever, by Dan Churach, is a well-written book that I found to be an entertaining and thought-provoking read. The characters and their dialogue are all believable. The story includes terrorism, murder, and frighteningly, the prospect of global warming's possible impact on pathogen evolution and the releasing of lethal microbes that may have been trapped in now-melting permafrost. It’s a great book that I think you will be hard-pressed to put down. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

Leon E., Hawaii, USA

"Well written book, very scientific and a great read I couldn’t put it down until it was finished." 


Brusha, in Australia

BTP-Book Oct23B.jpg

BACK TO PARADISE"This book was a page turner. I could not wait to find out what happened to Ben and Lani. Back to Paradise was an easy read. The characters were well developed and the images of Hawaii came through strong. Hope to see more novels from Dan Churach in the future." 

Sharon Barr, Pennsylvania, USA

BACK TO PARADISE: "I really enjoyed reading your novel. Such unexpected plot twists! The Hawaiian landscape, language and people brought so much colour to the book as well…. Looking forward to your next book!"

Iris Davis, New South Wales, Australia

BACK TO PARADISE: "Great book! Can not wait to read his next one! Love his writing! Highly recommend!"


Chris Grayber, USA

BACK TO PARADISE: "A splendid novel about life, love and relationships... Just finished reading and loved everything about it. The story and format skillfully document time and events. The reader eventually abandons accepted realities to open both mind and heart to the true and never-ending powers of love."

Kathy Halbig, New Mexico, USA

BACK TO PARADISE: "As someone who lived in Hawaii for many years, I appreciate the attention to detail in this novel. The many local references really take me back to the islands. The author paints a wonderful portrait of island life while also giving us a suspenseful, romantic story line that keeps one's interest from first page to last."

Janice, Florida, USA 

BACK TO PARADISE: "Back to Paradise was a wonderful love story that had me gripped. I was transported into the story that Dan has created and enjoyed the book immensely."

Andrew, New South Wales, Australia


"This was an excellent book, particularly for our book club. It provoked a lot of discussion on life and death; extraterrestrials; the cosmos and even family themes. The storyline is completely unpredictable but actually very logical, making it very believable. I personally couldn’t put it down."


Reviewed on in USA

"This edition was my second read of Proof spanning twenty some years. Being older and more introspective, the question of God’s existence and miracles really piqued my interest. The author does an excellent job of intertwining age-old questions in a suspenseful, “Twilight Zone” like style and leaving the reader to find answers to them by challenging their own biases."


Kathy Halbig, New Mexico, USA

"Fantastic story that I could not put down. I was totally engrossed in this novel and really enjoyed the different take on the subject matter. Dan was really able to tell a good story here and I was sad that it was over. I wanted it to continue. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read and highly recommended. Well done Dan."


Andrew, New South Wales, Australia

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