About the AUTHOR

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Dan Churach was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a small town an hour northwest of Philadelphia. After high school, he studied at St Procopius College (now Benedictine University) in Illinois, the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Hawaii at Hilo before earning his PhD at Curtin University in Western Australia.

It certainly wasn’t all study… While working as a counsellor in an adolescent rehabilitation centre in Philadelphia, Dan met Karen, the young nurse on staff there. The two quickly fell in love and were married less than a year later. They soon left Philly and moved on to live and work in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the Hawaiian Islands before emigrating to Australia. After two years in tropical Broome, they settled in Perth, Western Australia, where they now reside with their pups, Bomber, Rocky and Bisket.


Dan taught sciences in high schools, colleges and universities in North America, the Hawaiian Islands and Australia. He lectured in Chemistry and Metallurgy in the School of Engineering and Information Technology at Murdoch University. He also served as the Education Manager for two Cooperative Research Centres - the Parker Centre for Hydrometallurgy and the Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing. Dr Churach authored over 60 academic papers and spoke at conferences and symposia on five continents. Though he retired from Murdoch University to pursue full-time creative writing a few years ago, he continues his emeritus affiliation with the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honour Society and the American Chemical Society.

Dan has been a passionate communicator of science his entire life. As a researcher, science teacher, lecturer and writer, he works to make scientific principles more understandable to people of all ages. While a high school science teacher in Hawaii, he developed, wrote and illustrated his school laboratory manuals published by St Joseph School in Hilo. For many years, his students used the manuals LET’S DO CHEMISTRY and LET’S DO PHYSICS, written and illustrated by Dan.


Churach’s enthusiasm for the sciences and education strongly shaped his love for creative writing. That passion manifests itself in stories firmly based on a foundation of scientific reality. He crafts his “technothrillers” to lead the reader on a voyage of critical thinking, constantly challenging them to solve the ‘who-done-it’ aspect of the story from the clues given.

His recent works reflect the social, political and scientific issues that shape our world. Whether applications of artificial intelligence in medicine, the impact of bioengineering on society or the accelerating deterioration of Earth’s climate. His stories are quite topical, as believable as the latest newsfeed and always keep the reader guessing until the very last page.


KAIROS is Dan’s eighth published novel and completes the Ancestor Trilogy that begins with EIGHT and continues in SOALSTALGIA. Earlier works include RAINBOW, DREAMS, FEVER, Back to Paradise and PROOF