Dansplaining Sample Chapters


G'Day, Dear Reader,


I’ve made several ‘sneak peek’ chapters available here to give you a feel for my writing. As my library shelf of “Churachian Books” expands, I will continue to make sample chapters available to you, the reading public.




Cheers -



SOLASTALGIA is the first tale I’ve written that’s a sequel to another book – EIGHT in this instance. The ‘sneak peek’ provided here is the book’s foreword. It sets the stage for the story by both defining the term solastalgia and relating the tale to current events. In that respect, solastalgia is not a scientific abstraction as much as a life condition that an ever-increasing number of people now experience.


Chapter 23 in FEVER details the account of an Earth Day address delivered at Murdoch University in Perth in 2024 by one of my characters, Professor Sacha Sharma. Frankly, it’s an address I would love to present in person someday about the laws of nature and humanity’s never-ending exploration of these laws. Professor Sharma highlights some of the struggles Homo sapiens have had with Mother Nature, Gaia, or Magna Mater throughout modern history. Though I will most likely never give this talk in a lecture theatre, at least I can present it to you here and in FEVER. 


Chapter 61 RAINBOW presents a soul-searching conversation between Aussie print journo Miri Wilkinson and American TV correspondent Wailani De Silva. They face an ethical conundrum knowing full well that their professional responsibility requires them to report the startling facts they have uncovered even though their careers may be adversely affected by the story. Call me ‘old school,’ but I reckon the guiding principle for any journo is to never knowingly misreport or hide the truth. I wonder how Miri and Wailani handle this one…


Chapter 17 in EIGHT recounts a get-together of two professors - Australian Kylie Childs and her Chinese colleague Fiona Wu – and two American journos - Sunlyn Singh and Owen Yates. They all are in Shanghai attending a global conference, and the four of them meet in a tea house and share an afternoon’ blooming tea’ together. I particularly like the scene since Karn and I enjoyed ‘blooming tea’ in the same tea house described in EIGHT.