by Dan Churach

Publication date, 13 September 2019


DREAMS is a novel about your parents and your grandparents. DREAMS is about your children and your grandchildren, born or not yet born. It scrutinises matters of one’s family, and how those matters are forever a part of your spirit, a part of your soul? DREAMS is a tale that explores societal attitudes toward our young people and our elders, towards how a cross-generational cast of characters interact in ways not often considered. 

The thriller begins with a tremendous explosion destroying the Pinetree Retirement Village in 2025 Washington, DC, killing twenty-some residents. While DC police Sergeant Nick Corcoran and Officer Jo Satterfield track down two suspects in the Pinetree


by Dan Churach

Publication date, 17 June 2019


FEVER weaves a tale of tension and intrigue triggered by several terrorist events that befall Australia. Asha Sharma, a Global News Network journalist working in America, returns home to Fremantle on an assignment investigating a rash of mutated microorganisms appearing globally. From the zombie microbes thawing in the melting permafrost of the Arctic to new strains of Ebola virus spreading into Thailand and Malaysia, was this Mother Earth’s attempt to resist the ecological onslaught of humanity?  Asha finds herself in the middle of the ‘news story of the century’ working with an eclectic group of ASIO agents, police detectives, medical doctors, university academics and a team of marine biologists in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.  

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