by Dan Churach

Publication date, 1 October 2021 

Solastalgia, noun (so-lês-tæl-ji-ê)

  • Definition: A form of homesickness one gets when one is still at home, but the environment is changed.

  • Etymology: Coined by Australian philosopher and researcher Glenn Albrecht of the roots Latin sōlācium (comfort) and Ancient Greek algia (pain).

(Credit Wordnick)

SOLASTALGIA is the sequel to EIGHT and begins two years after the international astronaut team on Mars discovered alien artifacts. Trillionaire Jacob Jacobi, who financed the initial Mars mission, now establishes the Ancestor Restoration Project – the ARP – to awaken the digitally preserved brains of deceased aliens. Avoiding the political rivalries of China, America and the European Union, Jacobi chooses Australia as the home of the ARP.

Returned Martian astronauts, Lochlan “Lochie” Greenbank, Parisa Henning and Arya Abass, join Australian ecopsychologist Kylie Childs and her Chinese colleague, Fiona Wu, as part of the research team at the Jacobi Research Hub in Fremantle. Now confirmed as an ancestor to Homo sapien, the alien species is officially named Homo parentibus reflecting that relationship. The aim of the project – to revive the preserved alien personas, get to know our ancestors on a personal level and potentially learn why our ancestors became extinct.

The ARP story already attracts worldwide interest and promises untold insights into alien science and technology. The project’s goal of knowing our extraterrestrial ancestors on a personal level promises human interest stories unlike anything covered by the media before. As journalists rush to Western Australia from all over the world, GNN again assigns reporters Sunlyn Singh and Owen Yates to cover yet another ‘biggest story ever.’

But all the global attention isn’t supportive. Many fundamentalist groups see any thought of an alien life form as threatening to Earthly religions. A worldwide protest movement spreads in opposition to the alien artifacts, the returned astronauts and the entire Ancestor Restoration Project. Chants of “Jesus didn’t die for any aliens” ring out from Washington to London to Perth. Increasing masses of peaceful demonstrators take a violent turn when one of the twelve returned astronauts, Steve Borkowski, is assassinated in a Washington, DC, restaurant. DC Police detectives Harry Grimms and Maggie Patton are again on the scene chasing down the assassins.

SOLASTALGIA explores a series of ‘what ifs’ humans have faced since the beginning of history. What if we could speak with ancient ancestors? What if we could develop a personal relationship with humans who had died a million years ago? What if these returned relatives had a message for us to save humanity? What if there is something more to the story of the universe than just Homo sapien? SOLASTALGIA opens an unexpected door into our past. Maybe we can go home again.



by Dan Churach

Publication date, September 2020 


RAINBOW is a nail-biting tale about Hayden McNally, an American university professor-cum-high-tech-entrepreneur whose Eye-Safe technology has him well on the way to becoming the world’s first trillionaire. At the pinnacle of his career, he suffers back-to-back life tragedies that throw his world into upheaval. He and his wife, Jean, experience the unimaginable pain of losing their only daughter to social media-induced suicide. Shortly after, as Jean McNally lectures her class of university students, a crazed shooter bursts into the presentation, killing a dozen students along with Hayden’s wife. 

McNally fights through his personal catastrophe, now obsessed with dedicating his life to honouring his wife and daughter. In short order, he sells his Eye-Safe Company and directs his hundreds of billions of dollars towards a gift to all of humanity. His memorial tribute takes the form of a technical and social experiment aimed at finding a better way for people to live in harmony.


Professor McNally enlists three of his former doctoral students – American Skylar Jennings, Russian Dimitri Ivanov and Australian Nick Simmons – to settle in Civitas, a newly established community in Western Australia.


The goal of Civitas is to apply their computer science expertise to devise a technical answer to the politically polarised populations found in so many nations around the globe. The experiment entails creating a system of artificial intelligence aimed at moderating government shortcomings. How? The Civitas designed AI breakthrough is the ‘Triumvirate’, three supercomputers (AI-Red, AI-Blue and AI-Yellow), all overseen by a moderator supercomputer – AI White Light.


Their experiment quickly captures world attention by demonstrating the safest driverless car network, the best ‘deep learning’ medical system imaginable and building an integrated energy grid the envy of the world. Civitas offers hope and assures humanity that a workable new way for people to work, live and play in a functional, sustainable, peaceful social structure is possible. 


One of the foremost international news organisations, Global News Network, sends American journalist, Wailani De Silva, to Civitas. Her assignment: to learn about their innovative methods and produce a GNN documentary on their experiment for the global audience. From the moment of her arrival, DeSilva is almost overwhelmed by how very well it all works… until… 


Accidents at three Canadian nuclear power stations, process control incidents at several African hydroelectric dams and missile silo doors taking on a life of their own in China, Russia and America. Could this all be a terrible coincidence? Were unknown hackers causing these events? Could the Triumvirate help solve the mystery? RAINBOW spins a real-life thriller that keeps the reader guessing to the very last page.

Published September 2020



by Dan Churach

Publication date, January 2020 


Earth 2044…  Nine-billion people struggle daily with first world problems in an environment suffering from the political inaction of prior generations. EIGHT follows three stories entangled in a struggle with challenges presented by a global malady of solastalgia, the desperate craving many feel for a home that no longer exists.


EIGHT begins with a bullet-laden message to two American journalists and the investigation that follows by Washington Police Detectives Harry Grimms and Maggie Patton. They chase a convoluted trail through a bizarre series of leads, uncovering a sinister experiment that employs the hacking of personal, implanted SAMs – Subdermal Angel Microchips – ultimately leading to a massive increase in teen suicide.

Contemporaneously, the world’s first trillionaire, Jacob Jacobi, funds a volunteer team on a one-way mission to Mars where his small group of scientists stumbles across evidence of alien life. The rush to determine the origins of their discovery competes against the pressure to release their findings to a global press corps demanding answers.


Australian ecopsychologist Kylie Childs along with her Chinese colleague, Fiona Wu, team up with American journalists Sunlyn Singh and Owen Yates to connect the Mars discovery to the epidemic of teen suicide in a chase around the world on a trail leading from Washington through Hawaii and Shanghai and across Australia.


The story follows the interaction of scientists, journalists and police struggling to answer paradoxes faced by humanity throughout history. EIGHT explores the curiosity of the human spirit and the interactions of homo sapiens with their environment. It seeks the ultimate origins of humanity, our evolution and the direction in which we go from here.

Published January 2020



by Dan Churach

Publication date, September 2019


DREAMS is a novel about your parents and your grandparents. DREAMS is about your children and your grandchildren, born or not yet born. It scrutinises matters of one’s family, and how those matters are forever a part of your spirit, a part of your soul? DREAMS is a tale that explores societal attitudes toward our young people and our elders, towards how a cross-generational cast of characters interact in ways not often considered. 

The thriller begins with a tremendous explosion destroying the Pinetree Retirement Village in 2025 Washington, DC, killing twenty-some residents. While DC police Sergeant Nick Corcoran and Officer Jo Satterfield track down two suspects in the Pinetree Village explosion, suspicion quickly grows that responsibility for the terrorist act rests with an unseen power much larger and more distant than anyone anticipated. 

GNN journalist Samantha Holloway dives headfirst into the story only to find connections to other suspicious deaths of older people in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. With the list of now-suspected homicides growing, Sam enlists the help of a number-crunching psychologist, Professor Tanya Copley. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence software, they manage to find a common link connecting the growing number of murders: elderly reports about serial dreams. Working independently of the journalists, police departments, the FBI, the UK National Crime Agency, ASIO and Interpol, Holloway goes on a global mission to investigate the evolving conspiracy. Is there any limit to the risk exposure for older people reporting serial dreams? 

Western Australian ED doctor Leah Ferguson and her friend psychologist Akiko Nakamura contemplate the same dilemma, though from a much more personal point of view. Leah’s 77-year-old grandpa is Laurie Ferguson, a retired academic who never shies away from sharing his thoughts with his granddaughter. During a weekend barbeque at his Fremantle home, he innocently shares his recent dreams with them never considering that it might present an imminent threat to his wellbeing. Laurie resists Leah and Akiko warnings until the terrifying reality of the unseen threat becomes too great to ignore.

The story told in DREAMS aims at every mother, father, son or daughter who has ever worried about a family member. Through it all, DREAMS offers a ‘who-done-it’ drama that follows across four continents and builds suspense that will keep the reader on edge until the final page.

Published  September 2019



by Dan Churach

Publication date, June 2019


FEVER weaves a tale of tension and intrigue triggered by several terrorist events that befall Australia. Asha Sharma, a Global News Network journalist working in America, returns home to Fremantle on an assignment investigating a rash of mutated microorganisms appearing globally. From the zombie microbes thawing in the melting permafrost of the Arctic to new strains of Ebola virus spreading into Thailand and Malaysia, was this Mother Earth’s attempt to resist the ecological onslaught of humanity?  Asha finds herself in the middle of the ‘news story of the century’ working with an eclectic group of ASIO agents, police detectives, medical doctors, university academics and a team of marine biologists in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.  

FEVER opens with an explosion aboard the research vessel Reef Explorer, and ASIO Agent Clint Navarro quickly ties that blast to an earlier bombing that destroyed an MP’s office in Gladstone. Days later, another terrorist incident sees a ‘murder-by-Ebola’ scheme carried out in Melbourne unleashing the first active case of Ebola Virus Disease in Australia. Forensic investigators quickly identify the murder weapon as a synthetic version of the deadly virus produced in Melbourne laboratories. Does this portend more extremist activities to come?    


From America, through Southeast Asia and across Australia, FEVER is a thriller that unravels through a series of twists and turns in fast-paced action whodunit keeping the reader guessing until the very last page.

Published June 2019



Kindle Edition 2017

Paperback Edition 2019

by Dan Churach


What makes a paradise? A geographic place? A state of mind? A specific time in one’s life? For many, personal paradise may be a combination of time, place and state of mind. For others, it could be that their own ‘Garden of Eden’ transcends earthly existence entirely while crossing over into another dimension.

Ben Decker has no idea that he is about to stumble into his personal paradise, a paradise far more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. Trapped in a two-decade-long marriage that seems to be going nowhere, the closest he can get to joyful bliss is through his career. The middle-aged electrical engineer is on the cusp of one of the biggest technology breakthroughs ever, though he has little understanding of just how big the Alpha-Max 2000 will prove to be. As lead designer of the program, it is Ben’s task

to travel to Hawaii to present his invention to a global audience. After boarding a modern-day Jumbo Jet on the mainland, he somehow finds himself on a propeller-driven Super Constellation approaching a Honolulu International Airport of long ago. 

Decker must immediately confront a 1957 Territorial Hawaii forty-some year in his past. Though he is instantly immersed into the charm of the Islands, he rapidly discovers that every Eden rewards with a paradise… and punishes with a serpent… He falls head-over-heels in love with a beautiful young Hawaiian woman, Leilani, as she shows him a long-ago Hawaii still serene, still untouched. But the more Ben tries to open himself to his new-found paradise, the more paranoia he feels from American FBI agents watching his every move, convinced that he is a communist spy. 

Back to Paradise follows Ben as he tries to balance his heaven versus his serpent: his new-found love against the rough-and-tumble world of a 1950s Cold War as well as the psychological conflict pitting his love for his two children living four decades into the future against a marriage relationship that had emotionally ended years ago. What to choose? Not so easy a decision since he realises full well that without knowing exactly how he jumped forty years into the past, he has no idea how to return to the future.


Back to Paradise begins with Hawaiian kahuna Uncle Kapena talking story to Wailani, a teenager wanting to learn more about her family. The tale he introduces will keep you riveted right up to the very last page.

Published October 2017



Kindle Edition 2017

PROOF! Second Edition Paperback 2019

by Dan Churach


Michael Boddin is a middle-aged, New England high school teacher fighting to recover from a serious heart attack and near-death experience. The stresses in his life are heightened by the interplay of his relationships with the three women that are closest to him – his alcoholic wife, his religiously fanatical and over-bearing mother, and his frequently impatient lover. His seemingly typical struggle with a mid-life crisis is thrown into a tangled web of fear and confusion by an apparent out-of-body experience during a visit with the occupants of an unidentified flying object. Was it a real experience, or was it a hallucination?

Being quite sceptical of any so-called psychic or paranormal phenomena and fearing that public ridicule would result from any

unwanted publicity, Michael is absolutely determined to keep his secret away from the media and nearly all his friends. He decides to share his encounter with only two people: Nichole O’Brien – his lover, and Jon Thomkins – a state police officer whose reputation had already been destroyed after he reported his own similar encounter. 

PROOF! develops the desperate character of Michael Boddin as he becomes obsessed in his attempt to find even the slightest bit of concrete evidence which he could use to prove beyond any doubt that his bizarre experience had actually occurred.  His quest for proof leads him on a wild, anxiety-laden search during which he undergoes a medical metamorphosis, is pursued by unknown government agents, seeks divine intervention from both a Catholic priest and a new-age spiritualist, has his life threatened by an Air Force Colonel, gets accused of running a child pornography operation, and is even arrested for murder. Throughout the entire ordeal, Michael and Nichole try to maintain their collective sanity by consistently conjuring up a mutual vision of running away together to a coconut-lined, black sand beach somewhere in rural Hawaii. But before they can transform their fantasy of being together in paradise into a reality, Michael must somehow make contact with the strange beings one more time...

PROOF! offers some unique and surprising answers to several age-old questions: Can we explain why supposed miracles happen? Does God really exist? What is the cause of the deja vu phenomenon? Is earth visited by alien beings? PROOF! is loaded with suspense and challenges the reader to keep on guessing – right up to the very last page… the very last sentence.

Publication Date University Editions: 1990

Publication Date Second Edition: July 26, 2019



The Donkey that Carried a King  by Daniel G. Churach, 2020


Dear Reader: 

Please allow me to briefly "Dansplain" my 'guest' children's book to you. 

“The Donkey that Carried a King” was written by my dad, Daniel George Churach, sometime during the 1960s. It's a children's book aimed at kids from 5 to 10 years old and is a very appropriate story for that moms and dads might read to their younger children. 

Dad had a lifelong interest in Biblical history as well as creative writing. He would have celebrated his 100th birthday on 27 September 2020, so my sister, Kathy Ozoroski, and I find it fitting to release this story for

all to enjoy. We hope that you, your children and your children’s children enjoy Dad’s book for many, many years to come.

A special thanks to our friend, Janice Wentworth. Her artwork in “Donkey that Carried a King” brings the story to life for so many youngsters. A special kudos to Janice since she also did the artwork for Back to Paradise and has been an indispensable proof reader of all my creative writing.

Regards, Dan Churach, February 2020

The Donkey that Carried a King


The “Donkey that Carried a King” is a heart-warming story about a 7-year-old boy, David, and his pet donkey, Tobias. The tale takes place in Biblical times as his father, Samuel, takes a supply of olives from his farm in Palestine to be sold in a nearby town.

Samuel and David begin their journey back to their home only to be caught up in the stream of people going to Jerusalem to crown a new King of the Jews. The story relates the Biblical account of Jesus coming into Jerusalem the Palm Sunday from a seven-year-old’s point of view and that of his friend and pet, Tobias the donkey.